Social Connectivity for Older Adults

         In an era where digital connections and community bonds are more vital than ever, The United Way of Lackawanna, Wayne & Pike proudly introduces our Social Connectivity for Older Adults programs. Recognizing the importance of fostering meaningful relationships and combatting social isolation among our senior community members, this initiative is designed to create a supportive and engaging environment. As we embark on this journey, our goal is to bridge the gap between generations, cultivate lasting connections, and enhance the well-being of older adults by providing opportunities for social interaction, shared experiences, and a sense of belonging. Join us in building a community where every individual, regardless of age, feels valued, connected, and vibrant.

Isolation Collaborative

The Lackawanna County Older Adult Isolation Collaborative works to improve the health and well-being of older adults experiencing social isolation.  The Collaborative is made up of dozes of social service, health care, government and other organizations that serve older adults, and is led by the United Way of Lackawanna, Wayne & Pike.  Together, the collaborative is currently running a pilot project for a coordinated system to address isolation.  Community agencies refer clients they suspect may be isolated into the program.  A team of volunteer navigators housed at the United Way than screen these individuals before connecting them to individualized services and supports that can help reduce their isolation and its causes.  The pilot is expected to continue through the end of 2024, growing incrementally, with continuous evaluation and adjustments helping to make it as effective as possible before hopefully transitioning to a permanent community system to address older adult isolation.



Friendly Caller Program

In addition to the isolation collaborative, the United Way of Lackawanna, Wayne & Pike also offers a friendly caller program.  This is a fun, free & friendly service that pairs volunteers with individuals interested in receiving weekly, friendly calls.  These weekly calls service as a beckon to reach out to individuals who may feel isolation and seek additional resources.  Our friendly callers are the bridge between at-risk older adults and isolation navigators.  Connecting the two parties help fight the invisible, discouraging and detrimental barrier of social isolation.



Friendly Caller Flyer Download:




For more information on both of the programs listed above as well as any other type of Older Adult Isolation Inquiry, Please contact:


      Mike Castellano, Special Projects Manager

      570.347.1267 x311