Mike Munchak Community Service Scholarship


2024 Mike Munchak Community Service Scholarship Application Form

Application Deadline - April 28, 2024

QUESTIONS? CONTACT Frank Kincel, at the United Way, (570) 343-1267 X233.




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I. Applicant Data

Tell us about yourself.


Are You a High School Senior

II. Parent/Guardian Information


III. High School Information


IV. Activities / Awards / Honors / Work Experience

List all school activities in which you have participated during the past four years. Also list any awards or honors you have received during this period.  Additionally, list all work experience you may have attained.


V. Transcript Data


Upload a complete transcript. (Please note: Grade reports are not sufficient.)
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VI. FASFA Score (SAI Number)


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VII. Community Service Accomplishments


VIII. Post Secondary School Data

Scholarships will only be considered for two year or four year degree programs at fully accredited universities, colleges or trade schools.



In 1500 words or less, please address this topic: How have your community service activities contributed to your leadership qualities? Please list specific ways that your community service activities have impacted and changed your individual goals, aspirations and future plans. **AI assisted essays will be disqualified**


X. Letter of Recommendation

A letter of recommendation from the executive director (or official designee) of the United Way funded program/agency with whom you volunteered is required for consideration.


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